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Last updates about sound screen


On May 04, 2017, an agreement for the manufacturing and installation of panels for the sound screen with the Contractor was signed. In accordance with the terms of the contract, an advance of 500,000 UAH was paid, in return, the Contractor had to produce and install 25% of the panels by June 1, 2017.

Due to the Contractor’s fault the panels were not manufactured and installed timely. At the beginning of August, the first panels were placed, but they, as it turned out during the control of the Customer, did not meet our requirements.

In the course of several months, the Customer held numerous negotiations with the Contractor’s representatives about the possibility of proper execution of the contract, but the negotiations did not bring the desired outcome.

As a result, the Customer is forced to apply to the court with a suit on termination of the contract, and compensation for losses due to non-compliance by the Contractor with his contractual obligations.

The lawsuit will be filed in the upcoming days.

In the same time the negotiations with another suppliers are ongoing aimed at producing and installing of the certified panels to meet our requirements and sound protection of the inhabitants of Belgian Village Djerelna.